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Ugly art for ugly democracy

In my Ugly exhibition at Depo, Istanbul last year, I tried to question the ugly side of the Turkish democracy through (mostly) ugly graphics of political party logos and election posters. During the 70 years of multi party system hundreds of political parties have been established, closed, banned or simply vanished. Unfortunately it includes parties that run the country for many years. It is not easy to find traces of them now; no information, no logos. I tried to manage with the very low resolution images I could find on the internet (see images) and from a professor friend of mine who is specialized on the subject. So I had to recreate most them using my imagination and knowledge of typography. In some cases I changed a color or two, here and there, to make them applicable to my technique. I recreated the posters on 60x85 cm paper, using stencils and powder pastels. Logos are painted on canvas, just like an old style sign writer would have done at the time they were designed.

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