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Ali Cabbar’s “Spring Masks” photographs emphasises the power of nature, and human despair in the face of the coronavirus outbreak. Protective face mask shortage is a great concern all over the world, and people are encouraged to make their own masks. Fashioning his versions by fastening wild flowers to a used mask, Ali Cabbar wants to point out to the environmental problems that make us vulnerable to disasters and tragedies. Brussels based artist used wild flowers that he collected during his daily walks—one of the few activities allowed in the city under lockdown.


Coronavirus has changed our lives. While countries are trying to slow the spread of the virus, we are confined to our homes. There is an unintentional benefit of the strict measures taken by some countries: a drop in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. A grim outbreak gives the nature a chance to recover, but for how long? Can we make this recovery last?


Ali Cabbars’s spring masks project is not only a witty design idea; it also urges us to ponder this question, and generate new ideas to save the world.

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