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SEPT. 8 - NOV. 10, 2019

Ali Cabbar delves into the complex world of GMO at the MONSTER [] exhibition. Imagining himself as a food designer, he challenges visitors to reconsider their perception of food by creating beautiful futuristic fruits and vegetables that are colorful, fresh and attractive, have a long shelf life, and are easy to pack and transport. Opened as a parallel event of the 16th Istanbul Biennial , the show includes GMO still lifes in the form of installations, 3-D objects, paintings and prints.

Ali Cabbar started his ongoing GM still lifes project in early 2000, when markets began to embrace transgenic food, which is still a hotly debated topic today. The research-based project is also a contemporary approach to the Still Life genre, which the artist uses to emphasize that everything natural is threatened, and humans are putting their future and the future of the earth at risk. 

(Installation view photos by Kayhan Kaygusuz)

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