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SEPT. 23 - OCT. 7, 2005

Visiting Ali Cabbar’s exhibition, titled “Exilic Existence”, at the Ataturk Culture Center (AKM),  I immediately remembered the poem ,“The Disturbed Tree” by Turkish poet Melih Cevdet Anday. The tree get disturbed when it is taught a song.

When you see Ali Cabbar’s works, you will be urged to revaluate normally acceptable concepts. When you realize how the concepts of exile and alienation are a part of daily life, you will feel obliged to reconsider them. Consciously or subliminally.


I sometimes quite like works of art and make an objective comment. But, sometimes there are such works of art, that immediately interact with my inner being. In a way, they allow me share their own challenges. That is when I feel as if I am being identified with it, just like a mystic verse. I felt so, with Ali Cabbar's works


I have always followed the global and personel adventure of two concepts: Exile and alienation. As far as exile is concerned, there might be the influence of land, up to a point. But alienation is a state of soul, wherever one goes.

Review by Dogan Hizlan

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